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Self Defence Accelerator

This program is designed for a corporate environment. It is expected that it will be completed within an office or sports hall, with very little equipment needed.
If you are part of a Human Resources or booking team looking in to the health and safety of your colleagues, this course is perfect for you. It is a 6 month program, consisting of 6 in-person sessions, each lasting 2 hours. There will also be 5 online sessions of 40 minutes each which will  each cover a different topic and you will have the opportunity to ask any questions.
Each participant will also be granted free access to my app, which covers everything I have taught and more.
 It is imperative that every participant has the full support of their company, as  it is possible that the contents could raise unexpected emotions. 


Within the final two sessions, we will be taking everything we have learnt, and putting it in to live situations. These sessions will be a little harder as strength, cardio and adrenaline control will be required. It will be heavily supervised so as to avoid injury, however potential real life situations will be used so this will need to be taken in to consideration. 

Wondering how it will all come together? 

Previous corporate clients have used their largest office space and moved around the furniture to accommodate the in-person workshops. In between workshops, it's encouraged that the participants meet up and practice the techniques in order to learn them as well as possible. 
The online session can be fitted around the schedule of the participants, however it is recommended that it takes place within working hours so as to ensure maximum participation. 


Get a grip

The first in-person session will cover all things grip defence. Here you will learn what to do if someone grabs your arm, or even your body. We work from different angles, and also using natural blocks when possible too.

I encourage practicing as much as possible, and you are bound to have questions as a result of it - which is where the subsequent online session will come in.

Off the wall

The second in-person session is all about being able to defend yourself from being pushed against a wall, as well as being able to get out of a situation when you are backed into a tight corner.

We will go through real-life situations, and places you might encounter this position, as well as what you could use as a shield.

Get up, stand up

In the third live session, we will learn all about getting up off the floor safely, and with balance. You will also learn how to create distance between you and an attacker, even if they won't let you get up.

Following on from this, your online session will back up everything I have already gone through as well as looking at some real life scenarios.

Defensive Striking

In our fourth session, we will look in to defending yourself using strikes, blocks and shields, and making the most of the environment you find yourself in. 

Again, the online session will enable any questions to be answered as well as further detail on any techniques if needed.


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