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5 reasons why YOU should train with HHH Self Defence

I know I talk a lot about Mixed Martial Arts & mindset, but what do you ACTUALLY get from one of my online courses? ⁣

1. Martial arts MAGIC You do not have to get hit, to get fit. When I train with the pro team, in the gym, I don't even touch another human for the first half hour of practice. It's all about reviewing the techniques we are going to use later. When I originally thought about building an online course, focused on MMA, I thought, 'How on earth am I going to achieve a half way credible online course?!' After I thought about my own training, and how I warm up, I realised that so much of my practice is done alone. You don't NEED another human, unless you actually want to fight - and the majority of people don't! When I created this course, it was aimed at beginners, so they could learn the basics from the comfort of their own home. The idea being, if you really liked the exercises, you could walk in to any martial arts gym and blend in quite easily. It turned out, however, that most of my clients had absolutely no intention of going to a martial arts gym, they were just bored of all the normal gym exercises they'd had shoved down their throats! My clients tell me they like the workouts I give them, because they are simple enough to understand, yet difficult enough to challenge them - the perfect combination. I've recorded the full workouts, so all you need to do is press play, and do what I do. They are full body exercises, which will get you fit, very quickly. I use a "fighter's format" which is three five minute rounds - just like an MMA fight.

2. Mindset MATTERS

When I first started my fitness journey, I became absolutely obsessed with the gym. I had been very overweight, and all I cared about was "losing weight". I didn't even know the difference between losing 'weight' and losing 'fat'! Such an amateur. I worked out that all the 'skinny' people were on the cardio machines, so I figured I would do the same. Due to my competitive nature, I ended up challenging myself each day on the machines, having to burn more calories each day, so that I could 'beat' the day before. I completely ignored all my problems, but I was so focused on the gym, that it didn't seem to matter. Eventually, the time would come where I had to change job, and I didn't have the same amount of time to spend in the gym that I'd had before. So all the difficulties I had buried, resurfaced. Guess what? Exercise alone DOESN'T solve problems!

Shortly after that time, I trained to become a personal trainer. Although not in my diploma, I'd learnt from my life experiences and started to include mindset work as part of my coaching. The results I began getting from my clients was outstanding. Their motivation levels became unreal, as we started to discover their underlying drive for better health. The progressions I was witnessing: the amount of fat lost, confidence gained and overall life satisfaction increased, rendered most of my clients unrecognisable. I only wish I had taken before and after photos back then! I truly believe that the incredible results we'd achieved, would not have been possible with exercise alone.

"I really love the combination of the physical element with the daily reflective, mindfulness." - Miwa

3. The CONCEPT of CONFIDENCE What REALLY increases your confidence? Can you put your finger on it? Maybe. Is it quantifiable? Definitely not! So how can you tell that something you're doing is helping you to increase your confidence?! From my experience, confidence in a particular skill comes with practice. Do you remember your first day at your job? The last 'proper job' I had, I remember being TERRIFIED when I started. I was constantly wondering when they were going to find out I couldn't really do the job I was being paid for. What if I got something irreversible wrong? What if I was too embarrassed to ask questions at the risk of everyone believing I was stupid? As I learned how to do the job to the best of my ability, I became increasingly relaxed and comfortable in my knowledge. After a few months, I could easily have taught someone else to do the job with absolute perfection. In that particular role, I had great confidence. To gain confidence, one needs to PRACTICE. When you gain confidence in a particular skill, you will find your confidence transfers over to others. For example, when I started climbing, I was extremely anxious, and had no faith in my skill. As I progressed to a more intermediate level, I found myself naturally helping those around me stuck on some beginner level problems. My confidence as a coach had progressed from martial arts, and gym equipment, over to climbing and bouldering. Thankfully it's not a one way street. As I had recently taken up a skill, I remembered how it felt to be a beginner in something - a vital skill in coaching. My coaching also excelled immediately when I could took this factor in to consideration. Even something as indeterminable as confidence has such a noticeable increase that it is impossible to ignore.

4. SUPPORT system

Any life change requires a certain amount of support. I believed for many years that I was different, and I did not, and even, that I could do it alone. Eventually I had to swallow my pride and admit that life becomes a thousand times easier when you have a team behind you.

When I lost my first 20 kilograms, I did it more or less alone. I had no idea what I was doing, and I felt constantly exhausted from carrying the emotion of such a significant change in my life. It's only now, that I look back at it, that I realise how much easier it would have been, had I employed a coach! Part of the reason that I became a personal trainer all those years ago, was actually because of that very fact! I realised that if I was struggling with it, then other people would have been too. I can't BEAR the thought of other people struggling, especially if it's with something I can help them with. When you go through such a significant transition in your life, it can feel very overwhelming. However, because I have been there myself, I know exactly what you will be going through, and therefore become an integral part of your support network. ⁣

5. WORLDWIDE baby!

After several years working with clients face to face, I realised that I would only ever be able to help a limited number of people, if I was to rely on their geographical proximity. That was the catalyst I needed to go online. Working with a coach online is a very different experience for my clients, from working face-to-face. For this reason, prioritising my clients satisfaction has always been my first concern. This is also why I know my clients so well, and enjoy working so closely with each person. When you work with a coach in person, you are likely to train with them for around 1-2 hours each week. The other 166 hours of the week, you are very much left to your own devices. HOWEVER, working ONLINE, enables me to be far more available. I will be on hand, every day of your program, with advice, technique and bucket-loads of enthusiasm.

What's not to love? If you're still unconvinced, why not hop on to my 7 day free course: Brain & body blast, starting 6th July.

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