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Passion is life

This morning, on my way back from the gym, a homeless man stopped me to ask if I knew of a certain solicitor. He had been told that if he went to this particular company, and told them he was feeling suicidal, that he would be given a house for 5 weeks.

I helped him by searching the location on Google, and as I did, we started to chat. I asked him how long he had been on the street, and he told me 2 months. He then told me that he only made £35.00 per day by sitting at the car park entrance (as he was when I met him). He told me, £35 per day was barely enough to eat, let alone get a bed for the night.

As I walked away, I started thinking that can’t be right! Earning £35 per day for a 30-day month would bring him a total of £1,050!!

Now, as you know by now, HHH Self Defence is a brand-new business venture for me, and I haven’t yet got to the point where I am breaking even on it yet.

I sat in my car, and I had a sudden realisation: “That homeless man makes more money than I do!”

For a second I felt quite upset, that this man, was sitting outside a car park all day and earning more than I was, whilst using 10 years’ worth of knowledge and skills.

For a few seconds, I felt angry, and pointless. “What am I doing with my life?!”

Then I relaxed. I thought about the bigger picture. My business is at it’s very beginning. My doors have been open for just a few months, and I’ve only recently released my products!

The entrepreneur life can be tough though, sometimes you don’t know when and where your next pay check will be coming from. Much like the homeless man I met earlier.

The difference is, I believe one hundred percent in what I am doing. I love my products. I am excited to talk about the business, and do so at EVERY opportunity I get. I am thrilled about the expected growth, but also insanely exited about the amount of people who’s lives I could make a difference to.

Developing someone’s exercise habits, could do an unlimited amount of good for their self-confidence, their determination in life, their relationships and their overall health. The fact that I can help with all those things excites me thousands of times more than money does!

What’s more, the ladies that come to my self-defence workshops, could literally have their lives saved by the information I give them.

I love meeting people who make me think, and the man I met this morning, certainly did that. I might not be making much money (yet), but I would never swap that for the amount of passion and love I have for what I do.

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