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Three things

Today’s blog is more an exercise in considering yourself and your priorities than my opinion on things.

From what I've learnt in life, each person can only prioritise three roles. When I say that, I don’t mean eating, breathing and talking. I mean roles in life, whether this be your job, your family life or friendships perhaps.

My personal priorities, are as a fighter, a coach and a girlfriend. I’ll go in to some detail of mine, with the hope that yours will become clearer. My job role is split in to two sections: a fighter and a coach.

As a fighter, I train between once and three times a day. I give my all to every session, and I try to fuel my body in the way it requires.

As a coach, I am not only available to my clients to assist them with their workout, but also as a friend and second opinion on life dilemmas.

Finally, as a girlfriend I do what I can to be the best girlfriend I can be (basically I just make sure he has been fed and has access to a gym...)

Outside of these three roles, I find it hard to focus on “extra” things. Do I have a social life outside the gym? Absolutely not – as my non-gym friends can verify.

I’d love to start a family too, but my priority roles are selfish ones – especially as a fighter – and it wouldn’t be fair to bring a child or a dog into the mix.

So you might be wondering, why am I bringing all this up?

It’s simple. Social media gives the impression that everyone can do everything, and do it well. However, we all know the reality of that statement is a lie. No-one can do everything. If you’re absolutely fantastic at one thing, something else will suffer. But, guess what?


You’re allowed to prioritise. You’re allowed to focus on just one thing. You’re allowed to not be amazing at everything you turn your hand to. You are human.

The reason I specifically bring it up at this time of year, is that I have spoken with countless people who have told me how guilty they feel for missing workouts, social occasions, dates, and generally wanting to hibernate until next year.

There are only a few weeks left of this year. Prioritise what YOU want to. Don’t get sucked in to someone else’s schedule.

With that in mind, this is your homework: Think about your three priority roles, and prioritise just those three. At least until the end of the year, stop feeling guilty for not taking on extra responsibilities!

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