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Terms and conditions

  1. You should only take on a program if you are mentally, physically and financially ready to do so.

  2. By commencing a program with HHH Self Defence, you are committing to change your lifestyle for the better. Please be aware that regressions and plateaus are entirely normal and you may not see progress every single day.

  3. Progression requires consistency and commitment, please be aware that it can take time to notice results.

  4. You will be committing to a twelve-week minimum term contract, after which time you can cancel at any point with a notice period of one month.  

  5. If you fail to attend your coaching call, it will be re-arranged once per twelve-week time period. After that, the failure to attend will result in missed sessions and lost progress.

  6. You are responsible for your own safety and wellbeing when completing each workout. It is your responsibility to clear a suitable area to train in, and use a mat or carpet as suggested.

  7. HHH Self Defence do not take responsibility for any injuries which occur during the completion of your exercise program.

  8. You should not complete an exercise which aggravates an injury or causes you unnecessary pain. Please ask for an alternative to avoid this situation.

  9. Any new pain should be reported to HHH Self Defence immediately.

  10. HHH Self Defence will not pass your details to any third party, however if we believe you are in danger to yourself or anyone else, we reserve the right to contact suitable authorities.

  11. HHH Self Defence can advise your nutritional intake but cannot be held responsible for any weight loss or gain.

  12. HHH Self Defence can advise your exercise program but cannot be held responsible for any weight loss or gain.

  13. HHH Self Defence does not guarantee your success if you use the exercises shown in the program against an attacker.

  14. Any information shared with HHH Self Defence will be kept private and confidential. Including but not limited to: Personal details, personal experiences, nutritional intake, goals and progressions.

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