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I was a somewhat unfit man in his mid-sixties who was keen to get fitter and stronger but due to being both busy and a bit lazy didn’t want to give up too much time every day.
Helen Harper’s 15 minute workout has been an ideal workout routine for me as it is the right length and has built up gradually. After 3 months I’m much stronger and fitter than before and can really feel the benefit in everyday life with more energy. The daily routine has ramped up as I’ve got stronger and remains a challenge. At first I was not looking forward to each day’s exercise but I now do.
Thoroughly recommended!

Helen has been a great coach for me ever since I started with her. I began my martial arts journey at first with Muay Thai, but later started attending Helen’s MMA/Jiu jitsu session and they have helped me out in many aspects.For example, her making us more attentive to even the slightest of details has made me a much better fighter. Her sessions are always enjoyable and a definite highlight of my week due to me always learning something new but also retaining what I learn every week through recaps of past sessions.Another great aspect of Helen is her ability to push, motivate and inspire her students which I’ve experienced first hand and that’s without mentioning the ease of building our coach-student relationship, even with all her other students.While currently on my weight loss journey, she always pushes me further as well as acknowledging my progress and efforts outside our sessions which is a driving factor of my motivation and a representation of her really caring about her students.

Having studied martial arts for a number of years, I am always looking for something special in an instructor. Not all who do can teach, but it is important that they are not just reciting from a rehearsed script or based on the experience of others.
Age is never a factor, but the ability to breakdown and explain both from a personal experience as well as an understanding of the differences in their students and how different physiologies affect their abilities.
Helen Harper, or Boss, as I like to call her, is one of those rare instructors who imparts knowledge in a way easy for her students to grasp, has the gravitas of experience to gain our respect in regards to what she says does and does not work, and can explain why from personal experience.
She also inspires her students to push themselves that little bit further. Her classes are worth waiting for each week, both instructional and testing. Thank you, Boss.

I initially reached out to Helen as I wanted to get back in shape. I'd had a

tough year with some mental health problems following trauma and wanted to do something for me that would benefit me physically and mentally. I'd tried a couple of other online programs on my own but I couldn't seem to stick to them, so I knew I needed something with more accountability to keep me going on the tough days. 

The workouts are fun and varied and like nothing I'd ever done before! They were really thorough but super quick which meant I could always fit them in no matter how busy my day was. The martial arts angle also meant there were lots of new moves that I was unfamiliar with, but having Helen on hand every day meant that she could help to correct my form if I needed it. 

Helen really pours all of herself into her work with her clients and shows up for you everyday to build you up and give you any pep talks you need! I've finally found a fitness routine that I can stick to and even look forward to every day. I've finished the program feeling happy, strong and empowered and would     recommend it to ANYONE who wants to boost their physical or mental health! 





I love MMA and never started training it due to financial and time constraints, or so the excuse goes. Already having a membership The Knowsley Academy and training Muay Thai, joining an additional club to train would be difficult on the pocket.
This all changed when Helen Harper (Coach) asked me after a normal Tuesday Thai session am I staying behind for MMA. Caught off guard I “umm’d and arr’d” to be sharply followed by “okay brilliant you’re staying, go stretch and shadow box.” Thus, began this amazing journey.
Since then I have received nothing but 100% dedication and motivation from coach. Teaching and pushing me beyond my limits every time I set foot on the mats. As a coach she is unbelievably supportive and knowledgeable and as a friend is just as supportive and knowledgeable.
In a short space of time I’ve gotten gold, silver and bronze in wrestling and no-gi comps which is the proof in the pudding of how great she is! I can’t wait to get back to training and grow along with the amazing HellHounds team.

From a young age, I was always in love with martial arts. The virtues and the self confidence that this sport had given me is incomparable to anything else I have done in life. Since I have moved, I found it very hard to find a gym or team mates to help me develop my skills. I almost gave up permanently continuing on this path, and shifting my life completely around work and family.
Then I met Helen, from the first conversation with her, I knew it, a beacon in the darkest night. A rare genuine interest in discussing not only the MMA matters, but the personal ones. I found out that the woman in front of me is not only a coach, but a teacher. The transition from Muay Thai to MMA in my plans was 2 years minimum, but the attention to details of a technique, the understanding of the personality of a fighter, is just phenomenal.
Coaches want you to be something you are not, teachers make you be the best version of yourself. Always pushing us with positivity, "you’re doing great", "don't give up", "that was brilliant!". After almost a year under her teachings, people think that I have been doing MMA for 3 years, they just don’t know, in my gym we don't have only a coach, and a teacher but a caring friend too.



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